More About Me

"Service is my Mission, Real Estate is my Vehicle."

Who I am

Noa here! Nice to meet you. I have a pretty colorful background that I attribute to my success as a real estate agent and I’d like to share it with you.

Believe it or not, I spent my early 20’s as a tank instructor! Talk about learning teamwork and dedication. Nothing teaches you to be a better communicator than showing someone how to operate 130,000 lbs. of steel where pushing the wrong button can create mass destruction. My job was to get soldiers prepared to go to the front lines, Kind of like what I do today with real estate! But now the soldiers are my buyers and sellers.

After that, I spent 10 years in the bay area as an interior designer. It’s a lot harder to turn someone’s dreams into a reality using nothing but their words than you’d think! But I had the opportunity to master it and fine-tune my ability to listen and understand the wants and needs of families even when they weren’t always 100% sure how to convey them.

How I can help you

Being in real estate requires a vast array of skills. You want a real estate agent that will take the time to fully listen and understand what you want. You also want a real estate agent who can go to bat for you and negotiate while staying firm.

Real estate agents need to understand all the small nuances of the market. If they don’t, it could be the difference between you getting your dream home and the deal falling apart.

Most importantly you want an agent who can relieve the burden of stress and pressure that most feel when trying to buy a home. I leverage my past experiences to do all the above, but I’ll let my clients speak for me:

We have met literally dozens of realtors over a multi-year search for the right home. Most were unresponsive and had a take it or leave it approach to home searches.

Noa was a breath of fresh air - she took the time to know us and then was very aggressive about searching for the right home and keeping us informed on both her search and the market in general. She quickly found a solution and was able to effectively negotiate an equitable contract. We highly recommend her as a skilled and effective realtor.”

Bob.T 2020 Buyer, Sonoma CA.

If you’re looking to sell

I will use my experience as an interior designer to stage your home and make it look irresistible to the right buyer.

Then I will spread the word throughout my network of realtors to help you find a qualified buyer, FAST!

And to get you even more exposure, I use tools like:

  • Social media marketing to get your house in front of as many people as possible.
  • Professional photographers to take photos that catch the eye and get people to click on YOUR LISTING.
  • Virtual tours to help people feel like they’re really there, furthering their desire to come  see your home in person and using the latest technologies.


Hebrew, English